Rui-Qi Wu (武睿祺)

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Rui-Qi Wu is a master student of TMCC, College of Computer Science, Nankai University, under the supervision of Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng. He received the B.E. degree from Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT) in 2022. His research interests are in computer vision and machine learning, with a particular focus on image enhancement and restoration.

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Recent News

  • [02/2024] One paper is accepted by CVPR 2024.
  • [11/2023] I have served as a reviewer for CVPR 2024.
  • [09/2023] I have served as a reviewer for IEEE TPAMI (IF: 24.314) and IEEE TCSVT (IF: 5.859).
  • [07/2023] I have served as a reviewer for AAAI 2024.
  • [03/2023] One paper was accepted by IEEE TMM.
  • [02/2023] One paper was accepted by CVPR 2023.
  • [01/2023] Our paper was awarded Oral Presentation qualification by AAAI 2023.
  • [12/2022] I have served as a reviewer for Neurocomputing (IF: 5.719).
  • [11/2022] One paper was accepted by AAAI 2023.
  • [04/2022] Our team won the Third Place in RAW Image Blind De-noising, Megcup 2022.
  • [04/2022] Our team won the Second Runner-up in Night Photography Rendering Challenge, CVPRW 2022.
  • [03/2021] One paper is accepted by ICME 2021 as Oral Presentation.
Publications ( * denotes contribution equally )

LAMP: Learn A Motion Pattern for Few-Shot Video Generation

Rui-Qi Wu, Liang-Yu Chen, Tong Yang, Chun-Le Guo, Chong-Yi Li, Xiang-Yu Zhang

CVPR 2024      

PDF  |  Project  |  Code  |  BibTex

YOLO-MS: Rethinking Multi-Scale Representation Learning for Real-time Object Detection

Yu-Ming Chen, Xin-Bin Yuan, Rui-Qi Wu, Jia-Bao Wang, Qi-Bin Hou, Ming-Ming Cheng

Arxiv Pre-print, 2023      

PDF  |  Code  |  AIWalker  |  BibTex

Towards Extremely Overexposed Image Restoration

Zheng-Peng Duan, Xin Jin, Rui-Qi Wu, Chun-Le Guo, Li Liu, Chong-Yi Li

Under Review

PDF  |  Code

RIDCP: Revitalizing Real Image Dehazing via High-Quality Codebook Priors

Rui-Qi Wu, Zheng-Peng Duan, Chun-Le Guo, Zhi Chai, Chong-Yi Li

CVPR , 2023      

PDF  |  中文版  |  Project  |  Code  |  BibTex

Underwater Ranker: Learn Which Is Better and How to Be Better

Chun-Le Guo*, Rui-Qi Wu*, Xin Jin, Ling-Hao Han, Zhi Chai, Wei-Dong Zhang, Chong-Yi Li

AAAI, 2023   (Oral Presentation)      

PDF  |  中文版  |  Project  |  Code  |  Datast (pwd:nuin)  |  BibTex

Stereo Superpixel Segmentation Via Decoupled Dynamic Spatial-Embedding Fusion Network

Hua Li*, Jian-Feng Liang*, Rui-Qi Wu, Run-Min Cong, Jun-Hui Wu, Sam Tak Wu Kwong

IEEE TMM, 2023   (Extension from ICME2021)

PDF  |  Code  |  BibTex

Image Harmonization by Matching Regional References

Zi-Yue Zhu, Zhao Zhang, Zheng Lin, Rui-Qi Wu, Zhi Chai, Chun-Le Guo

Arxiv Pre-print, 2021

PDF  |  Code  |  BibTex

Stereo Superpixel Segmentation Via Dual-Attention Fusion Networks

Rui-Qi Wu, Ya-Juan Du, Hua Li, Yu-Cong Dai

ICME , 2021   (Oral Presentation)

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